Cyprus has laid out a blueprint for exiting lockdown.

Is it right? Is it wrong? I don’t know.

However, I’m most interested in whether it’s relevant. At various dates, we will be allowed to start doing things that we haven’t done for months. Will we though?

For example, on May 21st, we will be allowed to get our hair cut, and to eat at a restaurant (only at its outdoor tables). Mrs L has unilaterally declared that she’ll be doing neither. I haven’t asked, but I’m guessing this means that I won’t be getting a haircut either.


People are scared. The virus persists and governments are quick to claim that the measures they implemented have contained the pandemic and saved many lives. They may be right, I don’t know. The numbers and statistics are an overwhelming avalanche of public relations. It will be many, many months until there is some perspective on the numbers and the efficacy of the various measures. How did country A achieve “x” while country B got “y”?


If the virus persists, and lockdown and social distancing are the measures that contain the virus, then Mrs L has a point. Why go out?

I’m fascinated to see how our habits have changed. Will we all demand our hairdressers wear gowns, gloves and masks? Will restaurants with small isolated tables fare better than those that offer benches at communal tables? Is the Maitre D’s first duty to take your temperature as you approach the bar?


Last year, we enjoyed UB40, Il Divo and Eros Ramazotti, gigs in Limassol. What about this summer?


I attend trade shows in the stationery world, and conferences in financial services. Not this year, I guess.


The Cyprus economy relies heavily on tourism and hospitality. The lockdown is severely damaging the economy. Both short term and long term, the challenge is going to be persuading people to be social again. I have read that experts in the airline industry expect flights to be very cheap this summer, as carriers like Ryanair and Whizz attempt to kickstart travel and take market-share. Perhaps, they’re right, but what about two years from now? I think that airline industry will bear no resemblance to the one of 2019.

In the meantime, can I get my hair back to 1990 length?