Autumn is here. Meteorologists are in Autumn from September 1st. Some people look for the leaves to change colour on the trees. My Autumn begins when I return from the camino.

September is often still hot, but gets cooler as the month goes on. October is still dry and warm, and makes for a good time to visit the island, as it is not too sweaty.

Late September will also mark the anniversary of our arrival here and the inevitable review that this will prompt.


I’m determined to get back into exercise. Some pounds came off walking in Spain, and there’s plenty of room for more to come off. With the heat abated, I’ll walk around the golf course, go hiking at the weekend, and hopefully introduce a daily walk to my routine. Swimming will be more focused and deliberate, rather than a strategy to cool off.

A year of BBQ and Keo beer has been fun, and I carry the weighty evidence around my waist. Time to swap (some) beer for water and (some) BBQ for salad.

We have friends coming for a fortnight in September, and another set in October. In between, I’m back in the UK for both my consulting business and the notebook one. I will need to balance having fun with them and getting all my work done.


The tree surgeon is coming back to tame our fig tree. It’s enormous! During August, it produced thousands of sweet succulent figs, feeding lots of people and even Spice, who is quite partial to a fig or two for breakfast. Once the fruit is gone, he’ll cut it back to keep it manageable.

If summer is somnolent, Autumn is awakening. The weather is less oppressive, so it’s the time to get stuff done around the house and in the garden. Mrs L and I have a list of projects to get done.