"It must be like a permanent holiday living over there."

Yes, and No.

Of late, we've been starved of guests. Hasn't everyone? Just last week, our friends were visited by their daughter and her family, so, with none of our own, we borrowed those guests. Out we went to eat and drink.

"It's baking hot. Shall we just eat out?"

Before you know it, we're out every night.

This is it - this is living the dream!

There's joy in showing off the island and the lifestyle to friends. The added bonus of these guests is that they weren't even staying with us. That was somebody else's problem. It's fantastic.

However - it's the perfect storm too.

Eating out in Cyprus is cheap and delicious. When the sun is blazing, it's lovely to let someone else cook. And cook they do. Portions here are huge. Naturally, the best thing to accompany a meal out is lashings of ice cold local beer. Does anything taste better on a hot day than a cold beer straight from the fridge? Sitting outside on a hot summer's night in great company. Ahh...

When it's hot, the dogs don't want to go anywhere. Mention air-conditioning and both our dogs are instantly at my feet.

So - I eat out every night, drink lots of cold beer and exercise a lot less. When I'm not out, I'm either sitting at a desk or sleeping.

While that's happening, Mrs L has been shrinking all my clothes. I have golf shorts that now fit like hot pants. (There's a mental image that might scar you for life!)

Dang it.

So - Mrs L has declared a healthy eating regime. Starting today.

My regime looks a bit like this...

  1. 5 days strict, 2 loosen the reins a bit
  2. Intermittent fasting. Only eat between 1200 and 2000. A really fashionable way of saying "skip breakfast."
  3. No snacking
  4. No fizzy drinks, including beer.
  5. Eat whole foods as much as possible.

Fitness wise,

  1. Early up every day to give the dogs a proper 45 minute walk. (Walking by 6)
  2. Minimum 15 minutes-a-day "proper" swimming, ie not floating about in the pool.
  3. Golf three times a week

The aim is for the shorts to be comfy, rather than sprayed on.

Why do all the fun things make me fat?

Right - I'm off for a glass of water, 3 seeds and a lettuce leaf.

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