Lennon. My family name.

The source of endless entertainment on the telephone or in shops.

“Lennon. As in dead Beatle.”

Sometimes – people laugh.

More often, people look slightly puzzled.

I’m getting old and Beatles references don’t go as far as they used to.

The ‘present Mrs Lennon’ as I jokingly refer to my wife, has, to date, wisely avoided the more obvious puns on the name.

The poor woman already has a lot to put up with being married to me

“Recorded in several spelling forms including O’Lennon, O’Lennan, Lennon, Linnane and Lineen this interesting surname is Irish.

It usually originated from the pre 10th century O’Leannain, a byname meaning “lover”, but may also be from O’Lonain, a diminutive of “lon”, meaning the blackbird.”

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 So there you have it. I’m either a lover or a small blackbird.

Best I leave it there I think.



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