In my last post, I explained how the hero of my novel was living and working in Hungary. I expect that he will visit many more places in the course of his adventures. He will be an international hero.

If you are here on a tour of the A to Z Blogging Challenge – then you most likely will cover the USA, Europe, Asia and beyond in just a few clicks.

The rapid advances of technology and democratisation of travel are making it increasingly easy for all of us to be ‘international’.

Migration is a hot political and social topic which I mentioned in “E for Elections” a few days back.

Increasingly, the dividing lines between nationalities are disappearing.

Just thinking of the extended families of my wife and I, we have relatives in Canada, Australia, USA, Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Germany and Switzerland.

The international theme is one that is increasingly common in many families.

I think it is fantastic. I love that I am able to travel more, to see more places, experience more cultures, both through travel or through virtual experiences on the internet.

Yet, for all of those positives, attempts to create a United States of Europe seem doomed to failure.

In Scotland, very nearly 50% of residents who voted,  wanted to leave the United Kingdom.

So – are we becoming more international? Or Less international?

Is your nationality more or less important to how you think of yourself than it was for the generation before you?

What do you think?



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