In the UK, it is that time again.

Next month the country will elect a new government for the next five years or so.

Between now and polling day, we will be subjected to an enormous amount of posing, pontificating and promises.

Someone, somewhere has decreed that the ‘big’ issue is immigration.

The thesis is that Britons are tired of foreigners coming into the UK, claiming benefits, exhausting public resources, taking over communities and thereby worsening the lives of those people already here.

A variation on the theme is that the foreigners are stealing the jobs of the poor hard-working Brit.

Parties all the way along the political spectrum are offering solutions to this problem.

What utter nonsense.

In the UK we are lucky enough to live in a country where on one street we can eat the finest examples of cuisine from every continent.

Our universities are crammed full of bright and enquiring minds from every corner of the earth.

The very name of the place should give it away – ‘The United Kingdom”. It has always been our way to embrace multiple cultures, nations and races. The diversity of the population has always been what has made this country so vibrant and exciting to live in.

There is competition for work. There is strain on limited resources. This country, like any country, faces problems. Immigration is not one of them.

While the politicians tilt at windmills, pose for the cameras and pursue the perfect populist sound bite, they neglect the work that needs to be done to make things better.

There’s only one thing for it.

We will have to bring some immigrants in to do the job.

It is the British way.



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