Newer readers may not know, but back in October 2018, less than a month after arriving in Cyprus, our beloved schnauzer, Nero, for whom Nero's Notes is named, was killed by an uncontrolled dog while out for a walk with my wife.

After multiple adjournments, today Mrs L is due to appear in court as a witness, as the state prosecutes the owner of the dog.

Alas, it was not to be. The case has again been adjourned, this time to the end of May. The court is mired in backlog, unsurprising given the length and ferocity of the pandemic.

We expect little from the process. Every institution in Cyprus has declined responsibility, to the extent that even now, three and a half years later, the dog is chained to a derelict house 24/7 and periodically escapes. However, it's important to us that if nothing is done, it won't be because we gave up. Our role is to be calm, stoic and relentless.

Each time a court date approaches, Mrs L is taken back to that horrific Saturday morning. That she bears it, is testament to her strength.

There are statements from the Police, and from the vets who tried to save Nero. As far as we can ascertain, the defence do not contest the facts of the case. Whenever the number is called, the defendant goes to the dock, and the judge enquires as to whether my wife is present. Everyone agrees that my wife is in fact present, then has a good sigh and adjourns to a new date. Had the case been heard the first time, I'm certain that we all would have spent less time in court than we have listening to the legal beagles juggle their calendars.

Given the horrors unfolding around the world, we're certainly not whining. We're lucky to have the life we have.

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