Stuart Lennon

Stuart Lennon

Stuart is the writer, interrupted of the title on this website and its accompanying podcast.

GTD Revisited: Clarify

How detailed you get is up to you. If you find yourself typing, "turn on the computer" then you might be going a little OTT on the granularity, but breaking the work into smaller, actionable items really does make the whole thing less initimidating

Sean. Deal

“I have trust issues.” She gave a sardonic smile. “I do trust you, Sean. But whatever the future may bring, I know that you will always have intrinsic motivation not to betray me.”

GTD Revisited: Capture

For all you bright young things a computer analogy might be that the brain is RAM and the intray is storage. Use all the RAM for storage and all your apps will slow down and stall.

Sean. Wheels within wheels

“Relax. Our focus now is on legitimate business. Beginning here and then moving west. All the good guys will lose interest in us. They want to chase bad guys, not legitimate business people.”

Health Report

I’m languishing on the dreaded plateau. It seems whatever I eat, however much I exercise, the scales stay stubbornly static. The trick of course is to keep calm and carry on, and I’ll endeavour to do that.

Sean. Truth?

“Now you can see the plan. You can see John’s part. My part. And your part. The brotherhood seeks revenge. Who handed Sergei to the Americans? It was Ivan, of course. He was going to kill us too. Thank God you shot him first. ”

Becoming ignorant

Generally speaking, I don’t have a clue what’s going on in the world, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Mostly, ignorance is bliss, but from time to time, I do feel disconnected.

Sean. Choice

I’m sure Sean can have your shares held in a way that can never be traced back to you, John. All the wealth you could ever need, and I daresay we might be able to supply you with some bits and pieces of information that will keep you on the rise, professionally-speaking.
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