I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.


Sour Apple

I’m an Apple fan-boi. I have all the kit. I listen to all the podcasts. But this year, I’m not loving it so much. I’m irked by my erstwhile favourite podcasters. Is it them? No. Is it me? No. It’s Apple. There’s the long-running bad-tempered

Gender Politics

Working in Paris, I met Todd. A tall black guy from Texas. Witty, urbane, alarmingly handsome and as camp as Christmas. I remember being told that he was gay. I replied, “Of course he is”, and thought no more about it.

Degree of separation

Eventually, I decided that Paris was way more interesting and fun. I dropped out and was promptly sent to Budapest, which turned out to be even better than Paris.

What’s Essential?

“Scotland will beat Italy, Ireland will hammer England, and Wales might upset France.” 0 for 3. In reality, Scotland was beaten by a deserving Italy, England won a historic victory against Ireland, and France put Wales to the sword. My plans for a career in sports punditry have been put

Fire in the Hole!

I came across the "Chemin de Stevenson." Named for Robert Louis Stevenson, the Scottish author, it is a 225-km meander through Southern France. No, seriously, it is.


At around forty-five minutes, I reached my horror tolerance maximum and burst into tears. I stopped the treadmill and took a break outside, weeping openly.

Witold Pilecki

One thing led to another, until in 1940, Witold agreed to allow himself to be captured and interred at Auschwitz. Yes, you read that right.


The state of the world most perturbs Cornelius - and he’s drawn me back into following it all too closely. The Rest is Politics, and the News Agents are good podcasts, but the daily cut and thrust of current affairs does nothing positive for my frame of mind. On
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