I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.



None of us know. That’s the thing about death. It seldom makes an appointment.

Party Logistics

Do you really think you can have a cosy chat with Sergei and walk away? And why would you? This agreement with the Chechens, and your part in it, puts the world at our feet. This isn’t the time to walk away, Sean. This is your chance, our chance, to shine.

Tasks & Timeblocking

What about time blocking though? Everyone discovered during lockdowns that if you don’t decide what you’re working on, then life will do it for you.

Flight Scheming

I don’t think so. I think he’ll make you sweat. Everyone is going to be in separate cells anyway. His best bet is to completely ignore you and concentrate on the interrogation of the Chechens and Russkies first. You’ll be visited by some embassy junior who thinks you’re as guilty as you look.

Long form Writing

It’s off my chest. Flouncy has flounced off. Notes, blogs posts, novels all need a plain, simple interface. No clutter. If you give me lots of settings to tweak, then I will. Anything to avoid writing.

Airport Summit

Let me work this out. You get Zelimkhan and Sergei in the same room, and then out of nowhere, the cavalry comes in and arrests everybody, including you. Then, you’re quietly released while the interrogations continue.

Short form Writing

Then I discovered Paper. Oh my. This is a beautiful app. Gorgeously minimalist, elegant and quiet. It’s lovely. Works on files on the hard disk. My heart leaped. A new shiny application. The answer to all my troubles. I wonder how much it is?

Airport Rendezvous

“If they couldn’t agree, they wouldn’t have agreed to meet. Your idea was good. This will move everything forward. I’m proud of you. Now, to more important matters. What perfume shall I buy?”
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