I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.


Sean 2-8, 2-9, 2-10

He stood, returning to the kitchen counter for some wine. He rested the urge to drain the bottle, took a deep breath and turned back to the couch, all smiles. “Let me top you up.” He felt her eyes searching his face as he refreshed her glass.

Sean 2-6 & 2-7.

We can’t sit with our English private educations and look down at these people. While our big companies were busy making money from the cold war, these people have overthrown the dictators that we were quite happy to leave them under.

Working Tools 73. M1 Pro/Max

Regular readers know I'm an Apple fan-boi. I've got all the kit. My desktop has the M1 chip, in the form of the Mac-mini. My laptop is the M1 MacBook Air and I have an iPad so powerful, that Apple themselves haven't yet designed any software powerful enough to challenge

Living the Dream 106. Upsetting the Applecart

“Apple does not ship internationally.” What? Every single phone is made in China. Of course Apple ships internationally. Apple forms companies and builds elaborate tax schemes to ship and sell internationally and pay as little tax as possible. It’s a nonsense.

Sean Act II. 4 & 5

Jana was part of it. This couldn’t be true. He hadn’t got the whole story yet, but he knew that Jana was trapped, a victim. However this ended up, he was going to get her free, get her a life.

Working Tools 72. Managing Overwhelm

I've written elsewhere about having lots of irons in the fire. If you're reading this, there's a pretty good chance you're aware of many of the things that I'm doing. For the purposes of this article - "I've got a lot on." Over the last few weeks, things have changed

Sean ACT II - 1, 2, 3

“Mafia? What is Mafia? In my country Mafia is business. Business is police. Police is government. Government is Army. Army is Mafia. It’s all the same thing.”

Stationery Adjacent

Why don't companies run courses on "Managing calendars", "Task Management", "Notifications", or "Effective E-mail"? That's what employees need - not 4 hours on how to claim expenses. Justin and I talk about these essential skills.
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