Memories of my time on Camino.

17. Boadilla to Carrión de los Condes

I am much prized by the insect world - the equivalent of an all inclusive cruise ship with top notch dining options. If you don’t want to get bitten, stand close - the little swine will fly right past you to bite me.

16. Hontanas to Boadilla

If you really want to aggravate sore, blistered feet - the best way to do it is find yourself some rocky downhill with sections of scree. Stu channeled his inner-Duck, verbally eviscerating the terrain in a mix of French, Czech and Anglo Saxon, with a range of comedy accents.

15. Burgos to Hontanas

The top of the Alto Meseta is the highest point of the plain, giving views of field after field after field. The land resembled a blanket, with villages and hamlets built into folds.

14. Camino 3. 2018.

Northern Spanish markets are overflowing with fish and seafood, with only the faintest whiff of fishy aroma. Everything is bright-eyed, jewel-skinned and fresh. If you’re fond of the treasures of the sea and a sharp Albariño then you’re in for a terrific lunch. I am, and I was.

13. The Fleshpots of Burgos.

“Who knows? It’s the meseta - “ze micro-climate...” “...you could die up there” I joined the chorus. Laurent had explained to us at length, the challenge of the Meseta. “Ah you know...blazing 'ot in ze summer, but sometimes freezing too...It’s ze real stuff...”

12. Burgos

Somebody had dropped an airport onto the camino, complete with perimeter fences. The John presented us with an option; to the right we could take a main road straight to the heart of Burgos, or we could follow the main route left, following the fence line. We went left.

11. Atapuerca

“Is it me, or can you hear banjos too?” I muttered. “Yup. This place is scary.”

10. Belorado

As was our wont, we left the town before daybreak. It was cold. I know that, because Stu told me 138 times in the first fifteen minutes, (he was hungry too), and because even I was a mite chilly.
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