Adulting 101

1857 a podcast that I record with TJ Cosgrove, released a new episode yesterday. A long one too! Get it wherever you listen to podcasts, or here  

1857 - A primer for new listeners

Episode 125 of the 1857 podcast has been released. If you’re not already a listener, this is a great time to become one. TJ and Cornelius Poncenby-Smythe recap the origin of the running gags and revisit some listener’s favourite moments. Link to the Episode

New Episode - 1857

1857 – Now what? TJ and Stu emerge blinking from the lockdown. Get it in your podcatcher or here

1857 - Lockdown Lifehacks

A new episode of 1857 released. Find it in your podcatcher of choice, or click the link below. Lockdown Lifehacks Lockdown is transitioning, and the new normal comes next. What are some of the things we’ve been doing to stay sane?

1857 Lockdown : Desert Island Pencil Cases

The boys get stranded on a desert island, with nothing but 8 regular items and a luxury… Search for 1857 in your podcast catcher or click  here  

1857 - Lockdown Cooking

Every week, I record a podcast with my friend TJ Cosgrove. Find it wherever you get your podcasts by searching 1857, or listen through your browser with the link below. Episode 121: Cooking in Lockdown: Fad or Rad? Listen in your browser here
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