Thanks for swinging by.

As well as here, I can be found all sorts of places.

I pay for my shoes through Lime, my training and consulting company. I specialise in consulting on anti money laundering regulation and compliance for retail financial services, but also turn my hand to training too.

Nero's Notes is a passion project. If a man wants to play with ALL the notebooks, the most efficient way is to buy a website selling notebooks. The incredible Clare runs the site out of the UK, selling notebooks, pencils, pens and all sorts of ephemera for those who see a place for the analogue alongside all their wonderful digital kit.

Most weeks, I record a podcast called Stationery Adjacent with the inimitable Justin Twyford, and every month or so, TJ Cosgrove and I muse over the tangled web weaved all around us on 1857.

Since January 2023, I've given up on social media, but if you want to chat, drop me an e-mail.